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R.a.M. Land (Rubén A., also known as Pumo) is a musician from Mexico that mainly composes Electronic, New Age, Alternative and Chill-Out genre music, usually for diverse personal projects, be either for video-game mods or specific musical projects, and occasionally for third-parties when asked or needed.

R.a.M. Land is an artist who mainly plays the Electronic Keyboard and uses computers and virtual software studios and synthesizers for composing, but also has the ability to play the Piano and the Accordion, as well as a notorious ability in the field of Sampling and Arranging in general.

Starting to play the keyboard at the age of 6, R.a.M. Land developed an autodidactical and lyrical knowledge of music in the way of practice, to later move on to the way of theory and eventually composition, making his first composition a the age of 10.

In the way of his creative development, and as a gamer himself, R.a.M. Land created several compositional works for his personal projects in videogame modding, including some of his most notorious works featured in the 'Pumo Mines' project, a mod for the Descent 2 videogame.

R.a.M. Land also composes several works not related to any other project in general, just for the sake of musical creativity every now and then, and although most of R.a.M. Land works are instrumental in nature, there are some songs composed with lyrics you may find in the full R.a.M. Land catalogue.

Along with his personal projects, R.a.M. Land is always making new music that you can enjoy on this website, either as streaming, free download or at the album store,  if you wish to support R.a.M. Land by buying certain albums (some of them only available at the store) in high-quality formats.

Enjoy the world of R.a.M. Land to you heart contents, and if possible, be sure to give feedback whenever you need to say something, be either a critic, opinion or suggestion, or simply to say 'hi!' to R.a.M. Land.

It will be very much appreciated.

(Check 'Links & Contact' section to know how to contact R.a.M. Land)

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